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What to Know for Your First Jump


Skydive Newport Posted by: Skydive Newport 6 years ago

Some people say the sky is the limit, skydivers say the sky feels like home. If you’re wanting to discover why-a tandem skydive is just the way to find out.

Tandem skydiving is the best option to really enjoy your first skydive. A tandem allows you to take in the experience rather than be overwhelmed with responsibility. If you jump with us at Skydive Newport, (and we sure hope you do), you will be paired with an experienced and certified tandem instructor with thousands of skydives! After reaching altitude, you will enjoy about 40 seconds of freefall, and once the canopy is deployed at 5000ft, you enjoy a ride under parachute for around 4-5 minutes.

If you are looking for a few more insights into what you should know for your first jump, just keep reading!

The View Matters

Part of the euphoria of skydiving comes from taking the world in from an entirely different perspective. It definitely doesn’t hurt if the view itself is breathtaking too. At Skydive Newport, you can take sightseeing to a new level by viewing the Newport coastline and its surroundings, in an incredibly unique way-on a tandem skydive. Just imagine seeing where the ocean meets the rocky shore, taking in the shimmering sands, and maybe even catching sight of sailing ships. It sounds pretty picturesque, doesn’t it?

Prepare Your Mind And Mind Your Body

It’s important to get your mind ready to take in this exhilarating experience. To maximize the emotional and psychic satisfaction you can receive from a skydive, remember to breathe, focus on your breath, and be mindful during the entire experience. And don’t forget to mind your body: make sure you’ve satiated your hunger and satisfied your thirst. It is important to stay hydrated and to eat as if it was a normal day. You don’t want to get woozy because you skipped a meal or forgot a snack.

Dress For Success

You know the saying “dress for success”? Well, it definitely applies to skydiving. In the spring and fall, we recommend wearing a fleece or sweatshirt, and depending on the temperature, you may want to add a base layer. In the summer, dress comfortably in shorts, t-shirt, capris, yoga pants, or other athletic wear. Make sure you compliment that sporty outfit with lace-up athletic shoes or other well-fitting footwear.

Memorialize It!

You only have one first time, and like many magnificent moments, it can be fleeting. Don’t let this experience pass. Instead, capture it with a photo and video package. It’s definitely worth every penny to be able to relive each moment.

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