Welcome to Skydive Newport - Skydiving in New England - Family owned and operated and on location seven days a week since 1999 with over 70,000 tandem skydives and a impeccable safety record!

Entering our 25th year of operation! We're open and taking reservations for the 2023 season. Give us a call today!

Experience New England's most scenic tandem skydive at Skydive Newport, the tandem skydiving specialists since 1999.

If you're looking to skydive New England, our family owned and operated skydiving center in Middletown, RI offers a personalized and professional skydiving experience you won't find anywhere else. We are proud to serve skydiving clients throughout New England, including Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine, We specializing exclusively in tandem skydives.

Utilizing the most up to date training techniques and the highest quality skydiving equipment, safety is the highest priority for the staff at Skydive Newport. We guarantee a fun, professional day for all of our customers looking to experience the thrill of a tandem skydive while taking in the breathtaking views of the Newport coastline and its surroundings.

Skydive Newport is the #1 choice for tandem skydiving Boston and New England!

  • Go Tandem Skydiving

    Go Tandem Skydiving

    Tandem skydiving allows everyone to experience the incredible thrill of skydiving without the need for intensive training. Using a specially crafted parachute designed for two people, you will be attached to a highly trained instructor who will accompany you through your skydive from training to landing! Ready to jump? Click the button below to learn more about tandem skydiving at Skydive Newport!

  • Why Choose Skydive Newport?

    Why Choose Skydive Newport?

    Unlike many other skydiving centers, Skydive Newport focuses exclusively on tandem skydiving and strives to provide each of our guests with a personalized experience they will never forget. We are a family owned and operated business that believes in providing excellent customer service. At Skydive Newport, you are not just a number, you're family! Click the button below to learn more about us.

  • Plan Your Day

    Plan Your Day

    Skydive Newport is located just minutes from historic Newport, RI, New England's number one tourist destination. We feel priveleged to operate in such a beautiful and vibrant community and encourage all of our guests to explore Newport and all it has to offer! Click the button below to learn more about some of our favorite local restaurants and attractions and start planning your Newport skydiving adventure!

The whole experience was surreal and I can't say enough about how great the team at Skydive Newport is!!

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