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Skydiving New England


Skydive Newport Posted by: Skydive Newport 6 years ago

Each season, you and your family make the beach your vacation destination. You go to enjoy the sun and sand, the calming sound of water lapping at the shore, and to feel like your stress is being swept away receding with each wave. But, did you know it’s also New England’s prime destination to tandem skydive? That’s right, you can come to Newport to enjoy the vacation vibes and beachy views and get the thrill of a lifetime with a skydive too!

Commanding Scenery

Sure, you can soak in the sun’s rays laying on a beach but imagine seeing the beach from an entirely new and incredible perspective. Life is defined by your experiences. Why settle for the same mundane beach trip, when you can soar and see the sea with a birds-eye view.

After ascending to 10,000 feet taking in the scenic view of Newport Mansions and Narragansett Bay and swathed with the euphoric feeling of freefall, the canopy opens and you are suspended above stretches of pristine coastline. How’s that for breathtaking? If you’re lucky, on days with peak visibility, you can even see the outlines of Cape Cod. We don’t know why someone would choose anything else. But it’s not just the spectacular ocean view that makes Skydive Newport New England’s number one destination for skydiving.

History of Service

Skydive Newport isn’t a new contender to serving New England’s populace. This year we celebrate operating for 20 seasons! Since we opened in July 1999, we have been a family owned and operated tandem focused facility. While, Skydive Newport boasts a unique location by the coast that simply cannot be beat, it’s our customer service that keeps people coming back year after year.

Vacation Vibes

Skydive Newport is an easy going and accommodating company. You came to relax, and with Skydive Newport’s, it is easy. From check-in to landing, we can help you keep up the vacation vibes. All the while, we take the time to focus on you and your safety.

Bring along your family and friends: they are welcome to enjoy watching you from a picnic area on the edge of where you land. More often than not they will regret they didn’t join you. So much so, they might just decide to make the leap too! It’s not uncommon for entire families to skydive while on vacation.

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