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Skydiving Near Portland, Maine – Why Choose Skydive Newport


Skydive Newport Posted by: Skydive Newport 6 years ago

Whether you’re looking for a place where you can make your first-ever jump or you’re a seasoned skydiver who’s looking for a dropzone to call home, spending time researching the skydiving center that’s right for you is valuable exercise that can have tremendous pay offs.

As you scan the internet for the perfect spot, think about the vibe you want to experience … the scenery you want to take in … the people you want cheering you on from the ground and in the sky … the way you want to feel when you lay your head on your pillow after your amazing day …

Skydiving is an investment. Financial, sure, but it’s also an investment in your emotional, spiritual and physical health and well being. Be intentional when choosing your destination. Make a list and check it twice.

Here are just five of the reasons you should consider Skydive Newport:

1. Stellar Safety Record

We’re proud of a whole lot of things at Skydive Newport, and our superior safety record is at the top of the list. Our skydiving center is a US Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member Dropzone and our instructors are all USPA certified. USPA membership and licensure is important as it assures that the dropzone operators and skydiving instructors are committed to safety. We are such sticklers that only about 10% of US instructors are credentialed and experienced enough to work with us. We don’t play. (Which means it goes without saying that our equipment is state-of-the-art, right? Figured.)

2. Amazing Ocean Views

If you’ve been to Rhode Island or you’re lucky enough to call the Ocean State home, you know that it is one of the most picturesque places in the Lower 48. And if you think it’s gorgeous from the mainland or sea, wait til you see it from the sky! Swimming among the clouds two miles up, you’ll be awe-struck by the beauty enveloping you on all sides. Narragansett Bay, Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Block Island, Long Island, and if the weather’s perfect, even Boston! New Englanders and tourists alike choose Skydive Newport because the vistas are unparalleled.

3. Top Notch Customer Service

We showcase our customer testimonials because we are bursting with pride. We love taking care of our customers, and our customers love the care we take of them; can’t nothin’ top that! We are dedicated to treating everyone on our dropzone – whether they’re heading sky-high or staying down on the ground – with courtesy, respect and dignity. Everyone’s journey is different. We may not know what brought you to us or what you plan to cast to the wind (figuratively, please!), but we are here to support your experience.

4. Family Friendly

Skydive Newport is for everyone. Bring your friends and family to share in your experience. We have a designated area for spectators that gives your fans a front-row seat. They’ll see you board the plane, take off and, of course, make your dramatic landing. Tell them to pack a picnic and a camera – they’ll be sticking around for the action!

5. Family Owned & Operated

From our priorities, you’ve probably figured out by now that Skydive Newport is family owned and operated. Marc and Cherri Tripari are heart and soul of the dropzone and are always on site to oversee daily operations. A dynamic team, Marc has over 30 years of skydiving and relevant aviation experience and Cherri is queen of customer service and all things awesome about Skydive Newport. Look around, and you’ll likely catch sight of other members of the family too.

We’d give you five more reasons to jump with us, but we know we’d lose you to our reservations page before you got to the sixth! If you need more reasons or have questions, check out our page of FAQs or get in touch – we’re ready to welcome you home.

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