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4 Incredible Benefits of Tandem Skydiving


Skydive Newport Posted by: Skydive Newport 5 years ago

Who could’ve guessed it? The health benefits and after-effects of skydiving go far beyond the great big smile at the end. You’ll be an all-around better-adapted person with a few skydives under your belt, and the improvement will keep you coming back for more!

Skydiving Benefit #1: Your stress response will be healthier.

One of life’s key skills is to prepare your mind and body to respond effectively, immediately and correctly to stressful inputs. Given how important it is, it’s surprising how few people actually pick it up. Most people find that it’s easier to rely on crutches to get through the emotional valleys along the way to the next peak: chemicals; emotional hibernation; ice cream. Those fixes are poor band-aids at best.

Want to do it like a boss? Skydive. Skydiving is a great training ground for the brain under stress. Skydiving allows you to experience stress within the context of managing risk, which helps immeasurably to keep the brain sharp, supple and flexible. You’ll get to know your coping mechanisms and dial them in. When you do, you’ll discover better performance and self-confidence, both at work and at home.

Skydiving Benefit #2: Your mood will improve in lasting ways.

Skydiving is a sport! Skydiving carries the same benefits as most other forms of exercise: distraction from daily stressors, fewer negative thoughts, reduced stress hormone drops and considerably more endorphins. When combined, those phenomena set you up for one heckuva windfall of relaxation and optimism.

And another thing: The friendship of the skydiving community helps crystallize these effects. Lifelong friendships are cemented at the dropzone between the other like-minded folks who have shown up for a jump – and the true, fast friendships that form there help to give a beautiful framework to a healthy, well-lived life.

Skydiving Benefit #3: You’ll have better general awareness.

You can’t skydive with blinders on! On your jump, you’ll have one job: to pay attention to everything that’s going on around you. As your peripheral awareness and reaction times get better and better in the sky, they get better on the ground, too. You’ll start noticing your superpowers after the first few jumps: you’ll always be the one to catch a pen that’s rolling off the counter, a coffee cup that’s caught on your coworker’s headphone cord; a potentially tragic rollerblading whoopsie. It’s kinda great, and it’s kinda magic, and it’s a real thing.

Skydiving Benefit #4: You’ll sleep like a baby.

Skydiving is a life-changing experience that will put a mile-wide grin on your face for an impossibly long period of time. From the anticipation of your first tandem skydive to the excitement of the event itself to the incredible burst of euphoria you’ll bathe in on landing, you’re setting yourself up for the sweetest dreams of your whole life. Trust us on this one! It’s totally a thing.

Make that first gorgeous tandem skydive with us, so we can show you just how many incredible benefits of skydiving you’ll enjoy. You might even add to our list!

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