It's A Bird-- It's a Plane-- No! It's a Celebrity Skydiver!

It's A Bird-- It's a Plane-- No! It's a Celebrity Skydiver!

Published: July 30, 2017

It's A Bird-- It's a Plane-- No! It's a Celebrity Skydiver!

Acting seems fun and all that, but some celebrities know where the real drama is: The sky.

A whopping number of celebrities--especially of the dramatist persuasion--have done at least one tandem skydive along their illustrious path. More than a few have caught the freefall bug and decided to snag an A-license and learn to skydive solo.

Will Smith

Ah, Will Smith--that multi-hyphenate superman of stage and screen; that actor/musician/writer/rapper/activist/dad/hunky-hubby hydra. It seems like there's hasn't been a summer in years that he hasn't hustled across the screen shooting bad guys in a big studio blockbuster. That said, he managed to step away from his trailer for at least one brief moment in 2014, when he and wife Jada Pinkett Smith did some time in both the tunnel and the skies of Dubai. He clearly loved it, as he came right back just weeks later to jump and fly alongside his sons Jaden and Trey.

Maisie Williams (A.K.A. Arya Stark)

Speaking of omnipresent-- We don't know about you, but we're eager to watch Arya Stark's bodycount continue to rise in Season 7. If you're asking "Season 7 of what?!," we don't really know what to tell you.

When she's working her way down that infamous 'list', Maisie seems to love skydiving! She made her first jump in 2015 at a dropzone in the UK. Her boyfriend was supposed to be the only one jumping that day, but she gamely allowed herself to be roped in, and the rest--as they say--is history. She loved that first tandem so much that she returned two weeks later to jump as part of a Guinness World Record attempt. She also did a skydive to raise awareness and funds for the Dolphin Project.

While the medieval slaughterhouse of Winterfell offers precious few opportunities for Maisie Stark to show off her freefall skills, we humbly suggest to the producers that it might be quite a good idea to do so...

Patrick Swayze

If you haven't seen the original 'Point Break', stop what you're doing and go watch it. Like...right now. That movie pretty much sums up a whole era, and it did a lot to popularize sport skydiving (which was then a pretty niche activity) in an albeit ridiculous kinda way. Once you've watched the end credits roll, come back to us.

Okay. So. Now that you know what skydivers are talking about when they relentlessly quote the "You pull no you pull" scene on the dropzone (and you know what glam rock hair looks like in freefall) we can talk about this.

The idea that you can talk to anybody in freefall is purebred malarkey, but Swayze's skydiving is not. He went all-in prior to filming, getting his solo license and ripping it up in the sky with his Southern California instructors before he was, ahem, encouraged to stop for insurance purposes. The sole proviso was that he be allowed to skydive for real one time for the film.

The scene you see with him saying "adios amigo" is really him skydiving--and saying "adios, amigo" to the sport, unfortunately.


Say what you like about Tom Cruise, but we can all agree on one thing: He is one interesting dude. Tom--along with his mom and his then-wife, Nicole Kidman--earned their solo skydiving certifications together as a family affair. (He's a badass on the ground as well. Did you know that he does all his own motorcycle stunts? The crashes ain't pretty.) We haven't seen 'em around the dropzone since, but it's nice to know that they could show up for a recurrency jump at any dropzone at any time.

You never know who you'll see on the plane, after all! Come and try your luck at Skydive Newport.

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