Post Reservation Disclosure

Post Reservation Disclosure - Finalize Your Reservation

Covid-19 Information

In light of the coronavirus effecting our community and our country, Skydive Newport will take proactive measurers to make sure our clients and staff stay safe and healthy throughout this time. First we will emphatically keep our facility clean as we always have. In addition will be cleaning and disinfecting all of our touch points after every client. (Bathrooms, doors, desktops, electronic devices, seating, airplane, goggles, and harnesses) Our staff will remain proactive in keeping themselves away from groups of people to minimize their exposure. All of our instructors will be wearing face protection. At any time should a staff member feel sick they will be off line and we will book accordingly. The largest reservation we will take is no more than 6 people. if you have a larger group you will need to make multiple reservations.

We also want to set a policy for our incoming clients.

1. If you are feeling sick such as a fever, coughing, sneezing and you have a reservation, please cancel and reschedule when you feel better. If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled reservation you will be charged full amount per person affected and that money will be applied to your jump(s) within one year.

2. If you feel sick, wait at least 14 days to skydive. We take reservations for the whole season.

3. All clients will be subject to a no touch temperature screening. Anyone over 100.4 degrees F. will be refused.

4. Only scheduled jumpers will be allowed in our facility. You must be wearing your own facemask before entering the building.

5. Spectators (non-jumpers) will no longer be allowed at Skydive Newport until further notice. Any non-jumpers that you have in your party will have to stay on the parking lot side of the fence. There are no bathroom facilities for non-jumpers. If you have a special circumstance please let us know. (Sorry for any inconvenience)

6. Dress accordingly in respect to temperature. It is about 30 degrees colder at 10,000 feet. Until further notice we will not be offering jumpsuits. Grass stains on your clothing are a possibility so please wear the appropriate clothing.

7. Brings gloves if you think you need them.

8. As an abundance of caution we will not be taking clients over the age 60 until further notice. This policy will be updated in time.

Skydive Newport will follow the FAA & CDC's lead as well as Local and State health officials. We will also follow the Skydiving Industries recommendations through out the country for tandem skydiving operations.

All of the information above is subject to change as more information becomes available. Skydive Newport will update this policy as needed. All bullet points and opening date above are subject to change in any direction depending on heath official's, and skydiving industry recommendations.

We will always keep safety in mind at Skydive Newport as we have for the past 22 years of business, from our impeccable skydiving safety record to now doing everything we can to keep our staff and clients healthy.

Skydive Newport Management & Team

Thank you for making a reservation with Skydive Newport! We know that your experience with us will be very memorable, if nothing short of epic. We are excited to share it with you! We are the safest and most efficient skydiving center in New England, and to keep it that way we need your help to understand certain policies. If you have a group that are going together, then the person making the reservation is responsible to make sure everyone in that group understands everything on this page.


Skydive Newport requires that you and everyone in your group show up at least 45 minutes prior to your schedule time for processing (i.e 12:00 reservation to show up no later than 11:15). Your reservation time is the time your group should start jumping. There are waivers that need to be completed and training that you need prior to your jump. Also, the larger your group is, the more time it generally takes for processing. We welcome you to show up a little early if you like. It can give you a chance to get settled prior to your jump and see the operation in action.

Please plan according. Newport, RI is a tourist destination, and many times you may encounter beach traffic or just general congestion traffic (especially during summer months). If you or your group is late it is very possible that you will lose your reserved time slot and be charged FULL AMOUNT as a late cancellation /no show fee. We cannot delay other reservations if you or your group are late, so it is imperative that this policy is followed. This also applies to spectators. We cannot delay your jump if your family/spectators are late, so please ensure they understand the arrival time as well.

* This policy has absolutely no exceptions!


When you made your reservation, we took a valid credit card number in order to hold the time slot. While we hold that number, we DO NOT charge anything at this point. (Most skydiving centers will charge your account $50-$100 per person at the time you place your reservation). We do not operate this way. You pay in full on the day of your jump.


We accept MasterCard, Visa. Discover, or cash, (no checks). We do not accept American Express. Any student, military, or group rates are based on a cash sale only. In addition, any student & military must be accompanied by appropriate ID. Please refer to our pricing policy page for current rates.


We require at least a 48 hour notice to cancel a reservation or to delete someone in your group. Groups of 8 or more we require at least a one week notice. If you cancel the reservation or delete anyone after 48 hours prior to your reservation there will be a charge of $100.00 per person for a late cancellation fee. If you cancel the reservation or delete anyone after 24 hours prior to your reservation or don't show up for your reservation you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT of the tandem jump for the amount of people effected that either canceled or don't show up. Additonaly if anyone shows up outside of our weight limit chart (see below) or outside of our minimum or maxium age limits (see below) you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT of a tandem jump for the amount of people effected.


Skydiving is an extremely weather dependent sport, and safety is our highest priority (along with a positive experience for our customers). We require relatively clear skies, light-to-moderate winds, and no precipitation. Skydive Newport will determine if there are any weather constraints on the day of your jump. We generally do not cancel reservations before the day of your jump unless it is a sureity that it won't happen (i.e. an impending hurricane) since, in our experience, the weather forecasts are inaccurate much of the time. If we know that the weather is not conducive to jumping on the day you are scheduled then we will use the phone number given during the reservations process to let you and your group know. There is no cancellation fee for weather issues and we do not keep your money in that event. If weather is in question, it is usually a good idea to please call us before you leave your house to check. Being that we are located on an island, the weather here is often different than it may be at your home. If the weather is good at your scheduled time and you or your group is a no show (without communicating with us prior), you will be charged the FULL AMOUNT of a tandem jump for the amount of people effected. Also, as mentioned above, your reservation is for a specific time slot. If the weather is bad at that time, then you will have to reschedule your jump. Skydive Newport has to follow all federal regulations FAR part 105. Often we are booked all day long, and we cannot infringe on later reservations that day if the weather clears. It wouldn't be fair to them (or to you, if you were scheduled for that later time slot).


Especially during the Spring and early Summer months, there is a tendency for low-level fog to form early in the morning and later in the afternoon. Such conditions may hinder our ability to jump, and often are unforseen conditions which weren't forecast. As mentioned, we are a reservation based business and your ability to jump on your scheduled time will be based on the weather at that time. Please keep this in mind when making your reservation.


We are a very efficient skydiving center, miles ahead of others. We know your time is valuable, and you may have other activites planned here in Newport, RI on that day. In most cases, two people will be here for 1-1.5 hours from your scheduled time (usually less than that). A group of ten people are generally here for about 3.5 hours from their scheduled time. Due to the nature of aviation (and all the moving parts therin), these times can vary. Please allow enough time between your jump and any other scheduled activites in case of a rare unexpected delay.


Skydiving is not for everyone, and a certain level of participation is required in order to partake in a tandem skydive. We have a weight limit of 230 pounds (fully clothed, shoes on). We will weigh you. That is our absolute maximum limit and we do weigh our students prior to gearing them up. If a student has an excessive height to weight ratio, we also reserve the right to refuse services based on that. The height/weight chart is visible below. Please also understand that If you or a member of your group were to show up over these limits, you (and or they) will be refused service and be charged the FULL AMOUNT OF THE TANDEM JUMP for a late cancellation. This weight limit policy is set in stone and is non negotiable. It is purely a safety issue and we refuse to sacrifice the student's safety or the instructor's safety under any circumstances. If we're in question we will weigh you!

Height Max. Weight
4'10" and under 145 lbs
4'11" 150 lbs
5'0" 155 lbs
5'1" 165 lbs
5'2" 170 lbs
5'3" 175 lbs
5'4" 180 lbs
5'5" 190 lbs
5'6" 200 lbs
5'7" 220 lbs
5'8" 225 lbs
5'9" and above 230 lbs


*Please refer above to COVID-19 information for age limits information*

Skydive Newport has a minimum age of 18 (no exceptions to this policy, even with parental consent). You will need to show valid, government issued ID when you arrive to jump. We do realize that there are many people over the age of 75 that are in great shape and would have no problem engaging in tandem skydiving activities. We also realize there are just as many people over the age of 75 that would not fit our basic standard allowing us to give proper training partly due to physical limitations. We now have made a decision and have set a policy that we well no longer take anyone on a skydive over the age of 75. We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, any age, at anytime for any reason we see fit. We apologize if this is an inconvenience. We will be happy to give you a list of other skydiving centers that may accommodate you. Please call for more details.


Newport State Airport is a State Airport, and no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises. Since you are required to participate to a certain degree in the skydive (as well as follow the instructons of your instructor), you must not be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs when you arrive. This is a safety issue, and we reserve the right to refuse service if we believe that you are impaired. Also, we advise against drinking heavily the night before making your jump. Being hungover will ruin your experience and could even make you sick.


Dress comfortably for a typical outdoor activity (taking into account the weather). During the Summer months (July-Sept), a good choice would be shorts, yoga pants, t-shirts, tank tops, capris, etc are suitable. For shoes, comfortable sneakers are the ideal choice (no flip-flops, open toed shoes or boots with hooks). During the Spring and Fall months, you may want to opt for jeans or long pants, long sleeved shirts, sweatshirts or fleeces (again, no boots with hooks). The temperature at altitude is generally a lot cooler than the outside air, and we will provide you with gloves should they be necessary. We do also have jumpsuits you can wear over your clothes, but most jumpers only opt to wear them if it is extremely chilly or if the field is a little soft from a recent heavy rainfall.


Skydive Newport does not allow you to take your own camera on a skydive for a variety of reasons.. the first of which is safety. You or your instructor may be hit with a camera carried in freefall, causing possible injury. Because we are falling at speeds of 120 mph, and any projectile that could dislodge from a mount at that speed is very dangerous. Our camera equipment has been specially designed and modified to be skydiving friendly, and the instructor has extensive experience in safely operating that equipment. The second reason is one of liability. Should the camera be dropped, bumped, or fall away for any reason, everyone below is at risk. Anything dropped from that altitude (even the lightest of equipment) is extremely hazardous. We regularly jump over highly populated areas, and we are not willing to put those below at risk, nor have to answer to the FAA as to why a camera went through someone's windshield. The third reason lies in the fact that our instructors have been highly trained in how to film in freefall and during the canopy ride, and are much more likely to produce a product that accurately reflects your jump. The sensory overload on one's first jump can be a bit overwhelming, and being able to catch the angles and lighting takes great practice and skill. Our instructors are as much photographers as they are instructors!

You and your family/friends are more than welcome to bring your own cameras for on-the-ground fiming/photography before and after the jump, but please do not attempt to bring one onto our aircraft. You will not be allowed to jump with it.


*Please refer above to COVID-19 information for spectator information*

We have a comfortable spectator area at the edge of the landing area, complete with picnic tables and sun umbrellas. Bring as many people as you like. If you are scheduled on a weekend day, we ask that you please have all your non-jumping spectators go straight to the spectator area behind the lobby where you check in. Weekends are the busiest/highest volume days, and we have limited space in our lobby, so we need to dedicate that space for training.


It goes without saying that an airport can be an extremely hazardous environment for unattended children. There are active taxiways with moving aircraft, deadly spinning propellers, open containers of volatile chemicals and fuels, sensitive lifesaving equipment, and parachutes landing at a formidable speed. In addition, there are many other aeronautical activities which take place on and off the field (including frequent military training exercises) which can all be affected by an unattended child running out on the taxiway or into the field. This is an environment for adults, but we also understand how important it is for many to share experiences like this with their children, or those in their families. So, in order to keep them safe and allow all activites on the airport to safely continue, all children under the age of 8 must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. We define direct supervision by holding their hand 100% of the time while on airport property. This may be an inconvenience, but safety is the number one priority for everyone at our facility. If this policy is not followed, you will be asked to leave the property (and any and all fees will be forefeited).


Tipping policies vary widely across the industry, but there is no set rule. Here at Skydive Newport, our staff is paid well for the job they do. However, if you had an excellent time and feel that your instructor went over and above to give you a great experience, gratuities are accepted and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read these important points and passing them on to your friends. We look forward to jumping with you and your fellow jumpers!

-The Skydive Newport Crew

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