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Skydive Newport opened it's doors in July 1999. Prior to that the owner had 15 years of experience in the skydiving industry as a Tandem instructor and an AFF freefall Instructor. He is also a Tandem Instructor Examiner, meaning he can license other qualified skydivers to become Tandem Instructors. Skydive Newport specializes in tandem jumping only. Having said all of the above the owner along with all of his staff have a vast amount of experience in the tandem skydiving industry. We have done and been part of hundreds of thousands of Tandem Jumps. Our goal is to take the public on a stellar skydiving experience while maintaining the utmost of safety margins. We do realize that there are many people over the age of 70 that are in great shape and would have no problem engaging in tandem skydiving activities. We also realize there are just as many people over the age of 70 that would not fit our basic standard allowing us to give proper training partly due to physical limitations.

We now have made a decision and have set a policy that we well no longer take anyone on a skydive over the age of 70. We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, any age, at anytime for any reason we see fit. We apologize if this is an inconvenience. We will be happy to give you a list of other skydiving centers that may accommodate you.

Skydive Newport Management

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Marc and the staff totally are great people and the view is unlike anything in New England, the ocean, Islands, bridges, rocky shores, and could see the outline of Martha's Vineyard, just spectacular.

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