Covid-19 Information

In light of the coronavirus effecting our community and our country, Skydive Newport will take proactive measurers to make sure our clients and staff stay safe and healthy throughout this time. First we will emphatically keep our facility clean as we always have. In addition will be cleaning and disinfecting all of our touch points after every client. (Bathrooms, doors, desktops, electronic devices, seating, airplane, goggles, and harnesses) Our staff will remain proactive in keeping themselves away from groups of people to minimize their exposure. All of our instructors will be wearing face protection. At any time should a staff member feel sick they will be off line and we will book accordingly.

We also want to set a policy for our incoming clients.

1. If you are feeling sick such as a fever, coughing, sneezing and you have a reservation, please cancel and reschedule when you feel better. If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled reservation you will be charged full amount per person affected and that money will be applied to your jump(s) within one year.

2. If you feel sick, wait at least 14 days to skydive. We take reservations for the whole season.

3. All clients will be subject to a no touch temperature screening. Anyone over 100.4 degrees F. will be refused.

4. Only scheduled jumpers will be allowed in our building. You must be wearing your own facemask before entering the building and in the airplane..

5. Spectators (non-jumpers) will be allowed in our spectator area through the spectator enterance. Spectators will not be allowed in our building other than to use the bathrooms than must return to the outside spectatoe area.

6. Dress accordingly in respect to temperature. It is about 30 degrees colder at 10,000 feet. Until further notice we will not be offering jumpsuits. Grass stains on your clothing are a possibility so please wear the appropriate clothing.

7. Brings gloves if you think you need them.

Skydive Newport will follow the FAA & CDC's lead as well as Local and State health officials. We will also follow the Skydiving Industries recommendations through out the country for tandem skydiving operations.

All of the information above is subject to change as more information becomes available. Skydive Newport will update this policy as needed. All bullet points and opening date above are subject to change in any direction depending on heath official's, and skydiving industry recommendations.

We will always keep safety in mind at Skydive Newport as we have for the past 23 years of business, from our impeccable skydiving safety record to now doing everything we can to keep our staff and clients healthy.

Skydive Newport Management & Team

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