Can Anyone Skydive?

Can Anyone Skydive?

The sport of skydiving has been evolving for many years. With the advent of tandem skydiving it has opened the door for many people to participate.Tandem skydiving is designed to be the first jump as well as an introductory jump for skydiving students. However realistically it is a one and done jump for the vast amount of people. Every skydiving center in the industry has weight limits for their students.

The weight limits can vary from center to center.

Skydive Newport has come up with a maximum weight of 240 pounds per person as well as a height to weight ratio (BMI) maximum. Jumpers Physical Requirements (Please click on Jumpers Physical Requirements)

There is no secret that a person at 6'4" can carry 240 pounds differently that a person 5'1" at 220 pounds. Even though the person at 5'1" at 220 is below our overall weight limit of 240 pounds, they would be outside of our weight category for their height. There are many reasons why we would refuse service for that person.

One of which the equipment would not fit properly according to our safety standards and comfort policy's.

Secondly this is a participation sport and we feel that they would be at greater risk not being able to perform in a proper manner putting themselves and our instructors more in harm's way.

Finally the discomfort level would be more than realize for the student skydiver.

In addition to that anyone over the age of 78 must have a doctor's release to make a jump at skydive Newport for various health reasons and physical stresses put on your body that you will encounter. (Please call with any questions)

Skydive Newport has the right to refuse anyone at anytime if we feel safety may be a concern.

Unfortunately all of the information above is non- negotiable.

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