Physical Requirements for Tandem Skydivers

Please Review Our Physical Requirements Prior to Booking

Skydiving is a participatory sport. It does require some level of participation by the student in the skydive... especially on the landing. This is due to the very nature of the activity (it is a sport, after all) and to minimize the risk of injury. The parachute openings are generally soft and comfortable, but there is always the potential for a faster-than-typical opening which can put an increased amount of physical stress on the jumpers. We want your jump to be safe and comfortable, so we do ask that you observe the following requirements.

Physical Health

First, any prospective jumper should be in decent physical shape with no major medical conditions which would prevent them from being able to participate in the skydive. We are often asked if XX condition would preclude a person from being able to jump, and we always refer the prospective student to their primary care physician or specialist. They would have a much better idea if you would have any issue with being able to safely jump. Most of the population could easily make a skydive, but if there is a question please contact us first.

Elderly Skydivers

We do realize that there are many people over the age of 75 that are in great shape and would have no problem engaging in tandem skydiving activities. We also realize there are just as many people over the age of 75 that would not fit our basic standard allowing us to give proper training partly due to physical limitations. We now have made a decision and have set a policy that we well no longer take anyone on a skydive over the age of 75. We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, any age, at anytime for any reason we see fit. We apologize if this is an inconvenience. We will be happy to give you a list of other skydiving centers that may accommodate you.

Weight Limit

Second, we have weight limits that apply for any prospective jumper. (That is clothing and shoes on, ready to jump). We will weigh you. We also are cognizant of a person's height-to-weight proportion, as a person's physical ability is often linked to this number. Below is a chart which outlines different maximum weights for different heights. This chart is relatively liberal, but we have found that beyond these limits (for any given height) there is an exponentially increased risk for injury. We are (and have always been) focused on safety and comfort here at Skydive Newport, and these are the limits we have decided on. Please be absolutely certain that you fit into this graphic, as well as all others in your group. If you or others in your group show up and are beyond these weight limits (for a given height), you will be refused the ability to jump and will be responsible for a $100 late cancellation fee. We try to be upfront and honest about this policy as much as possible prior to making a reservation.

Skydive Newport Height to Weight Ratio for Tandem Skydivers. If we're in question we will weigh you!

Height Weight
4'10" and under 130 lbs
4'11" 140 lbs
5'0" 150 lbs
5'1" 160 lbs
5'2" 165 lbs
5'3" 170 lbs
5'4" 175 lbs
5'5" 190 lbs
5'6" 210 lbs
5'7" 225 lbs
5'8" 225 lbs
5'9" and above 225 lbs

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Third, please be sure that you and your party are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs when you arrive. It is important that you be aware of what you are partaking in, and be able to understand and communicate with your instructor (as well as follow his instructions). If you or your party show up under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will not be allowed to jump and will be responsible for the same $100/per person late cancellation fee.

If you have already made a reservation and found that you or members of your group are outside the requirements, please contact us immediately. There will be no charge if you cancel far enough in advance. We want you to have a fun and safe time on your jump, so please observe the above requirements. Thanks!

Blue Skies! We'll see you in the air!

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