Nicky Sergi

Tandem Instructor | AFF Instructor | S&TA | Freefall Photographer/Videographer | Coach

Ratings: Tandem Instructor | AFF Instructor | S&TA | Coach

Jumps: 9100+

USPA: D-28597

Email: luckysideburns AT gmail DOT com

Links: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | LinkedIn

About Nicky Sergi

Nick is a USPA rated tandem instructor with 13+ years experience and more than 9,000 jumps. He started his skydiving career in Connecticut in 2003, and has worked in various states in the USA. He joined us in 2010 and is also an Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Instuctor, freefall photographer and videographer, experienced Safety and Training Advisor (S&TA), and a skydive university coach. Nick displays a love of skydiving and flight, and has a great reputation for making his students feel calm and comfortable while still having a blast! Nick is also a Private Pilot.

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