Jerry Van Rijsbergen

Tandem Instructor | AFF Instructor | FAA Senior Rigger

Ratings: Tandem Instructor | AFF Instructor | FAA Senior Rigger

Jumps: 22,000+

About Jerry Van Rijsbergen

Jerry is a Tandem and AFF (accelerated free fall) Instructor with 40+ years experience. He is also an FAA senior rigger. Jerry started his jumping career in 1975 in the Netherlands. After jumping there for several years, he spent time jumping in Austrailia, Belgium, and the United States (as well as many other areas of the world). His primary disciplines (besides instructing) are Relative Work (RW) and Canopy Relative Work (CReW). He brings a high regard for safety and professionalism whilst sharing the sky with new students. Jerry is also a Private Pilot.

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