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Interested in learning about skydiving Newport from a different perspective? If so, then we invite you to read through our articles from some of our instructors and even the owner. Here we share insights about the sport, some of our guests and even things to be on the watch for. Would you like to see a topic addressed in our articles page? If so, contact us and we'll answer your skydiving questions in length right here!

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  • Skydiving New England

    Skydiving New England

    Each season, you and your family make the beach your vacation destination. You go to enjoy the sun and sand, the calming sound of water lapping at the shore, and to feel like your stress is being swept away receding with each wave. But, did you know it's also New England's prime destination to skydive? That's right, you can come to Newport to enjoy the vacation vibes and beachy views and get the thrill of a lifetime with a skydive too!

    May 30, 2018
  • What To Know For Your First Jump

    What To Know For Your First Jump

    Some people say the sky is the limit, skydivers say the sky feels like home. If you're wanting to discover why-a tandem skydive is just the way to find out.

    April 16, 2018

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The Best View in New England

The views of the island, ocean, and even across the bay were unbelievable!

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